21 Day WhatRDsDo.com Instagram Challenge

Looking for some inspiration to start the year on social media? Join me January 9-29, 2019 using the following post ideas…

Jan 9: 2019

Jan 10: what you do for a living

Jan 11: a challenge

Jan 12: where you studied

Jan 13: today’s tasks/list

Jan 14: an inspiring quote

Jan 15: your city/country

Jan 16: a tip to share

Jan 17: what you’re passionate about

Jan 18: where you work

Jan 19: who inspires you

Jan 20: toot your horn

Jan 21: what you’re reading/watching

Jan 22: a dietitian myth

Jan 23: self portrait

Jan 24: your favorite interview(ee)

Jan 25: what you’re working on

Jan 26: your favorite food

Jan 27: in the moment

Jan 28: your elevator pitch

Jan 29: self care/love

*These are suggestions and for your interpretation & creative use; your posts should represent you, what you do/sell, and your clients (or target clients). Expand by using IG stories too!

Follow & tag @whatrdsdo

Include hashtag: #WhatRDsDo and follow fellow dietitians.

Happy New Year!

Steph LangdonComment