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Stephanie and Josh have created a niche business that I became aware of on Instagram. Below we get to know Stephanie a little bit better and understand how the unique opportunity presented itself. This duo is a great glimpse into the non-traditional roles dietitians can and do play, as well as the paths that lead us different directions, including the people we meet and the life stage we're in.

Why did you become a RD?

To be honest, dietetics wasn’t on my radar at all when I started college. I had always done well in science classes so started on the Bio track at Missouri State. About two BIO classes in I was like, “um yea I’m not into learning about animals and plants, I want to learn about humans”. So I was sent my by advisor over to the BMS department to talk with a lady who just happened to be a RD. A quick conversation later I was signed up for Nutrition 101 and never looked back! I also have a minor in Business Administration and about half a MBA, but that’s a longer story!

What area of dietetics do you work in?

Currently I own The Sarcastic Nutritionist (TSN) with fellow RD Josh Clauser. He is the creative and funny one of the company while I make business plans, put lots of numbers into lots of spreadsheets, and color code many, many things.

How would you explain what you do?

In short form, we create Instagram-worthy products that make people say “hey that’s me!”. In a few more words, we focus on food and beverage inspired designs and handcraft them onto apparel and home goods.

What are your ‘typical’ daily/weekly tasks?

Some of my most routine tasks include: filling orders; making a few items; packaging items; brainstorming new items & designs with Josh; working with Josh and Liz (another RD we have assisting us) on our Social Media plan; emails… so.many.emails; tracking sales; learning each and every day how to push The Sarcastic Nutritionist forward.

What has been your career path?

Directly out of school I was offered a job with the hospital I interned with doing nutrition and fitness programs in schools. It was awesome, fun, and challenging. I loved the proactive approach and getting to work with kids. This is actually where I met Josh, he taught some nutrition but also hung in the Substance Abuse team. I worked there for 10 years, until I had my second kiddo. After that I wanted to be home more so I started working from my home doing nutrition content creation and coaching. About two years ago, Josh and I met up for coffee and he asked if I would be interested in coming on board to TSN and I am so glad I took the chance!

What advanced education or special training do you have?

In this Dietetics rhelm I have your standard issue RDN, LDN letters. I mentioned above about my business background.  I also come from a line of entrepreneurs following my grandpa and dad. My husband also owns his own business so it’s really something I can only describe as being “in my veins.”

In an ideal world, what does the industry look like 5 years from now?

One thing I love seeing is RDs not being afraid to put themselves out there, especially on social media. This is a trend I totally want to see keep happening. Staying grounded in science but also meeting the masses where they are. I also hope to see all these students and new RDs I meet keep bringing the enthusiasm to the field. Passion will keep pushing us forward.

What would you like people to know about RDs?

We eat real food… and not all of it is healthy!! I always chuckle when I meet a new person and they find out I’m an RD and they immediately start explaining away their meal choice! I’m like, it’s ok, my cheese only pizza (yup, nooo veggies on that slice) will be out in a minute.

What are challenges you encounter as a RD?

One thing I was constantly frustrated by in the internship and early years as a RD who always had a side hustle (seeing clients, personal trainer, etc) other RDs I would try to seek out were very secretive about their private practice. Because of that expertise Josh and I have both decided we are going to use TSN to (1) always employee and promote Dietitians (2) always open ourselves to mentoring and lifting up other RDs who are in the same entrepreneur grind.

What do people think that you do for a living?

Make jewelry! I mean, I do, but there’s soooooo much more! Oh and the thought that the social media funnies/memes are easy… I don’t craft them, Josh does, but it takes HOURS to get one just right, and then there’s the right hashtags, etc… it’s a process for sure!

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