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Karen D. Corbin, PhD, RD

I have a dual career. My primary focus is translational research related to nutrition and enterohepatic metabolism. My side hustle is scientific communications. I have a company called Geeks That Speak® that is dedicated to inspiring and empowering scientists and other “geeks” to become powerful storytellers to accelerate the transition from idea to solution.

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Hélène Charlebois BSc, RD

Enough already with ‘I did not know there was a difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist’. This is so old… we need to get our provincial colleges to educate not only the public but first and foremost our fellow HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS like doctors, nurses, physios, etc… let’s look in our own backyard.

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Zach Cordell, MS, RDN

In my job, I teach our introductory human nutrition course to students as a general course, nursing pre-req, or science requirement. As part of my job I work on scholarly work (books and podcasts), speaking at conferences, and mentoring students through clubs and other college activities. My job gives me a lot of freedom to work on projects that I find helpful to our profession and the public.

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