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Mindy Black MS, RD, CSSD, CPT; Samantha Previte, RD, LDN, CPT; Lauren Smith MS, RD, LDN and Whitney Hochstetler, MS, RD, LDN

I cold-called Mindy Black (other co-owner of Dietitians of Palm Valley) who at the time owned Mindy Black Nutrition. We had very parallel career paths: counseling, sports, and the grocery store experience. After speaking with Mindy, I moved to Florida to partner with her, co-created Dietitians of Palm Valley, and continued to grow our practice into what it is today.

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Stephanie Hnatiuk RD, CDE, PTS

I’m so passionate about what Dietitians do because we understand that there is no one best diet or way of eating for everyone. We can see beyond fads and trends in wellness and dieting and truly see the client sitting in front of us and figure out what’s best for THEM. Because we all have to experience a wide variety of clinical areas as interns I think it really demonstrates the vast array of nutrition therapies we might one day need to help a patient, client, or resident optimize their health. 

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Tony Stephan, RD, ACE-CPT

Right out of college I worked for a big box gym as an RD. I was promoted to club manager, and then regional manager for the nutrition program within 1.5 years. Then I left and formed my own company and have been doing this ever since!

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