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Casey Napper, RD

I realized after my internship, that my ultimate career goal was clinical pediatric nutrition. With a bit of good timing on my side, a temporary job opening in pediatrics happened to come about not long after my graduation, so I started my career on our inpatient pediatric ward. It was a wonderful place to learn and to really feel like a member of a team. Since then, I have also worked in pediatric outpatients, counselling babies discharged from NICU, general pediatric patients such as childhood allergies, failure to thrive, and new celiac diagnoses, and chronically tube fed children with gastrostomy feeding tubes. I also had the chance to briefly work on an adult Neurology ward, prior to my current position splitting my time between PICU and NICU.

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Noura Sheikhalzoor, RD, MSc (candidate)

I am passionate about all aspects of dietetics. I am passionate about food and health and human interactions with them and the everyday trends that we see. Specifically, I am very passionate about improving the food systems and community health and interested in upstream thinking. I am interested in health promotion and disease prevention through healthy eating and positive lifestyle changes.

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Brooke Bulloch, RD


Having exposure to various roles early in my career, I gained a variety of skills specific to those areas of dietetics. So, I suppose I have front line experience. I have learned how to connect with individuals and the importance of hearing their stories; I have gained confidence and insight to recognize my strengths and limitations; I take opportunities to learn and develop where possible. The day I feel I know everything about nutrition and dietetics is the day I fail as a dietitian. I will be forever learning, growing, and expanding on my education.

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