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Lauren Manganiello, MS, RD, CDN, ACE-CPT

My career path has been a bit unusual. While I was in college and graduate school studying nutrition, I worked as a personal trainer in corporate gyms. Once I graduated and became an RD, I left the fitness industry and started working as a clinical nutritionist at a large NYC hospital; however, my heart wasn’t in clinical and I missed the fitness/wellness industry. I then started working in the wellness industry for a couple of years and finally left to start my own nutrition private practice and consulting business. I am able to combine my love for nutrition and fitness and share it with my clients. My other passion is teaching so I started as an adjunct lecturer at a local college. I teach 1-2 classes a semester and it’s a nice compliment to having my own business.

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Andrea Hardy, RD

It’s funny, I became an RD because I thought I wanted to be in sports nutrition. I really didn’t know what else was out there, besides weight management and sports nutrition. It was all I had ever been exposed to. Little did I know, there was an entire world of dietetics out there I had yet to explore!

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