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Lisa Andrews MEd, RD, LD

I worked in acute care for 23+ years, but honestly, I had my foot out the door for at least 15 of it. I worked full time and got my Masters degree, then went part time at the VA where I was working. I taught classes at 2 universities as an adjunct and also had a community agency job part time. I did a lot of writing for free, which helped get my name out in the field. I feel like I’ve been consulting longer than 8 years because of the variety of work that I wedged into my schedule over time.

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Lara Felton, MBA, RDN

In the tech world I do a bit of everything from: developing new features with the engineers and product development team, marketing, managing social media, blogging, quality assurance testing, and customer support. It’s a small team so I get to wear a lot of hats. It’s both an awesome learning experience and can be quite stressful.

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Abbey Sharp, RD

I own a food and nutrition communications business and work as a nutrition and food spokesperson for various top food brands and commodity boards. I also do a lot of recipe development, blogging and freelance food and nutrition writing. 

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