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Cristel Moubarak, RD

I loved the multi-faceted aspects of the profession in which it is evidence-based, involves closely working with people, and offers a flexible career-path to participate in a variety of dimensions of its growing field. I wanted to help people discover a healthier version of themselves and live better. My desire to become a dietitian stemmed not only from wanting to consult with and advise a diverse clientele, but also to inspire a difference in my community.

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Sabrina Bovee, RD

I don’t have any specialized management training. My main strategy for success and survival (some days such as a lay off or termination notice days are awful) has been to pick good mentors. I have one dedicated mentor that I connect with, even for 30 minutes every few months. I also surround myself with positive, individuals that support me and believe in the work that I am doing. Many of these individuals are not health care professionals. However, they have a vested interested (as do we all!) in changing the culture of aging.

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Dallas Odgers, RD, CF-L2

I usually try to focus on describing the type of people I help and the value that I can bring them. For example, a common description would be that I help people manage their diabetes through education, goal setting, and accountability—this would be the majority of my clientele.

As my business grows, it will more likely be something like this: I am a private practice dietitian that offers strength and conditioning coaching, community, and nutrition education for long-term lifestyle change.

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Jullian MacLean, RD, MHA

First I decided I wanted to do a Science Degree with a major in Nutrition. Then in my third year of my science degree, I decided I wanted to be an RD because I wanted to be part of a regulated, standardized network. In particular, I wanted prospective employers to have confidence that I was competent in Nutritional Science and becoming an RD was an excellent way to achieve that. 

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Justine Horne, MSc, RD, PhD student

I love learning and am a self-proclaimed research geek, so naturally I’ve been in school forever. I have a Bachelor of Science degree, Certificate in Practical French, Master of Science degree, and am currently in the process of completing my PhD. I currently have 400 hours towards my Certified Diabetes Education designation and aim to have the letters “CDE” behind my name one day soon. 

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Caroline Roessler MS, RDN, LD

I love that my job has no “typical” day! My weeks consist mostly of one-on-one nutrition consultations, during which time I can take clients around the store and we can discover and sample products that may be better choices. I also offer monthly classes and store tours, an associate wellness program, as well as participate in community events such as school career days and talks geared towards specific audiences at local fitness clubs, offices or community centers.

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