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Bonnie R. Giller, MS, RDN, CDN, CDE

When my practice started growing, I decided to leave the hospital and focus on my practice. At the same time, I took on the role of Director of a Dietetic Internship Program for the largest contract management company in North America. As my private practice grew and I opened a second office, I decided I needed to spend all my time on my business and I left the dietetic internship position. I continue to mentor nutrition students today by offering them opportunities to work in my office and volunteer on many projects that are ongoing.

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Vincci Tsui, RD

Currently I have a private practice where I specialize in working with people who crave more than standard, mainstream diet advice. Often my clients come in with multi-layered concerns, for example, they might want to lose weight, but they’re limited by their food sensitivities or cooking meals that their entire family will like; or they want to learn how to fuel properly for a marathon, but they are vegetarian.

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