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Cristel Moubarak, RD

I loved the multi-faceted aspects of the profession in which it is evidence-based, involves closely working with people, and offers a flexible career-path to participate in a variety of dimensions of its growing field. I wanted to help people discover a healthier version of themselves and live better. My desire to become a dietitian stemmed not only from wanting to consult with and advise a diverse clientele, but also to inspire a difference in my community.

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Olivia Siswanto, RD, MSc, CDE

I do different things every day – this is why I love my job. I provide group education classes for gestational diabetes, emotional eating, and weight management. I also see patients one-on-one, together with a nurse, or with one of our endocrinologists. I am also involved in practice-based research. We will be presenting our research findings at the World Diabetes Congress this December – I’m super excited for this!

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