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Kitty Broihier, MS, RD, LD

Despite thinking I wanted to work in clinical dietetics and majoring in Dietetic at Michigan State Univ., once I was knee-deep in my internship (at the Univ. of Iowa Hospitals) I realized I really wanted to reach more people than I could doing one-on-one consulting. I also realized I liked writing/marketing and the creativity of developing materials, so I went into nutrition communications.

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Leah McGrath, RD, LDN; Leia Flure, MS, RD, LDN; Kim Melton, RD; Lucía de Rueda Aramburu, RD, MSc.; Matt Jacobs, MA, RD, LD, NSCA-CPT and Sophie Medlin, RD

I started BUD in 2014 at a time when it felt like there was a lot of negativity and criticism about dietitians. I regularly saw groups/social media accounts and pages, individuals and the media accusing dietitians of lacking integrity. Having been a dietitian for almost two decades at that point I knew that our profession deserved better treatment and a more positive space to encourage each other and celebrate our accomplishments.

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Michelle Katz MS, RD, LD, CDE

My career path is definitely a ladder. There are so many opportunities in the world of diabetes. Always new devices, new medications, new types of insulin, artificial pancreas, etc. It is a constant change and is growing all the time.

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