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Diana Reid, MPH, RD

I have a pretty non-traditional career path, as I started out in another field altogether and changed careers in my 40s. I think being a second career dietitian has made me very savvy in terms of business and entrepreneurship and knowing how to present and market myself. I also have a strong sense of who I am and what I have to offer. After graduate school, I worked as a dietitian in a community health center and was quickly promoted to lead the entire staff of dietitians across the organization. I don’t think this would have happened without my previous experience in management and leadership from my prior career.

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Sarah Remmer, RD, CDE

I have always worked in private practice to some degree, but have also worked in the hospital, in gyms and in private clinics. When I had my first baby, I decided to focus exclusively on baby and kids’ nutrition (specifically educating parents on how to best feed their families and nurture a healthy relationship with food) as well as disordered eating patterns in the teenage years and adulthood (and how to prevent these behaviours from an early age). I discovered blogging and have slowly transitioned from in-person counselling to educating a wider audience through the creation of online resources, writing and blogging for parents of babies and young kids.

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