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Kara Ignasiak, MS, RDN, CD

There is SO much that RDs can do and so many areas that we can bring value to outside of the typical RD positions.  Networking and building relationships is also extremely important to finding unique jobs in the field.  I would not have found the role I have today if it were not for the connections I made during my graduate studies and AmeriCorps service.

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Pierrette Buklis, MHSC, RD

The mission-statement/elevator speech evaded me for a long time because the scope of my area is quite broad, but lately I would sum it up by saying: I work to improve health through food for as many people as possible.

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Rebecca Lewis, MS, RDN

I am genuinely surprised by how little nutrition knowledge people have and how few actually feel confident in the kitchen. I empathize with people though - if you didn’t learn from a family member, and you never took home economics, where would this type of knowledge come from?! Cooking is like any sport or hobby, you have to do it frequently to get faster and better at it.

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