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Libby Rothschild, MS, RD, CLC, CPT

I don’t worry about what people think. I focus on making an impact. If I were to feel concerned about what people think about my profession, then my mindset wouldn’t stay positive and focused. Instead of caring how people perceive my chosen title, I am busy creating content and solving the problems of my target audience. Once a dietitian confidently defines his or her business, at that point I ask you: Does it matter what other people think you do for a living? What matters is your end goal and I recommend to start by defining that. As Colon Powel said in his Ted Talk, “Have a vision and be demanding.” He didn’t say, “Have a vision and question what other people think about you while you’re on your journey.”

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Lindsey House RD, LD

I could be goofy and say a common misconception is that we all are amazing cooks! Ha. However, my serious response is that we are rigid and expect perfection. I cannot tell you how many clients of mine are floored that I’m not immediately taking away their diet cokes, alcohol or bread :). I let people set their own goals and choose their own battles… sometimes we are ready to increase movement and drink more water… but asked to omit soda could send you to the dark side.

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