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Drew Hemler, MS, RD, CDN

I work in multiple areas of practice, which is why I love this wonderful profession. I currently work in private practice (telehealth, community nutrition, and food product consulting), academia (higher education), and communications & events management (U.S. state-level A.N.D. affiliate).

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Lauren Manganiello, MS, RD, CDN, ACE-CPT

My career path has been a bit unusual. While I was in college and graduate school studying nutrition, I worked as a personal trainer in corporate gyms. Once I graduated and became an RD, I left the fitness industry and started working as a clinical nutritionist at a large NYC hospital; however, my heart wasn’t in clinical and I missed the fitness/wellness industry. I then started working in the wellness industry for a couple of years and finally left to start my own nutrition private practice and consulting business. I am able to combine my love for nutrition and fitness and share it with my clients. My other passion is teaching so I started as an adjunct lecturer at a local college. I teach 1-2 classes a semester and it’s a nice compliment to having my own business.

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Kelly Jones MS, RD, CSSD, LDN

The public would stop falling for diet and supplement scams and realize how valuable a dietitian is in weight loss and health. Physicians would always refer to RD’s for prevention and treatment. Our food system would be more sustainable, making healthy food more available to our clients. Finally, RD’s would be less competitive with one another!

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