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Teryn Cook Buchanan, RD

I work both in the private sector as the owner of Integrative Nutrition Solutions, a private nutrition consulting company, as well as in long term care in multiple skilled nursing facilities. At Integrative Nutrition Solutions, I work inside a naturopathic wellness center, Fresno Holistic Medicine, where I collaborate with a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), holistic psychologists, and a chiropractor. We are a team of practitioners who truly focus on an integrative approach to healing. 

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Sabrina Bovee, RD

I don’t have any specialized management training. My main strategy for success and survival (some days such as a lay off or termination notice days are awful) has been to pick good mentors. I have one dedicated mentor that I connect with, even for 30 minutes every few months. I also surround myself with positive, individuals that support me and believe in the work that I am doing. Many of these individuals are not health care professionals. However, they have a vested interested (as do we all!) in changing the culture of aging.

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Mark McGill, RD, CSG (soon)

I developed a passion for nutrition after stumbling upon it, really. I was studying Environmental Science at the University of Waterloo and I took a health elective that nicely fit my schedule. There was a nutrition component and soon, I found myself studying more about nutrition than my major. That Fall, I was enrolled in Nutrition and Food at Ryerson University in Toronto.

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Nathan Diaz, MS, RD, LDN

I am all over the place when it comes to the areas of dietetics that I am involved in. On one side of the spectrum, I work in the private practice sector where I deal primarily with younger adults as well as athletes of various ages. When I am not meeting with clients privately, I work as the sole dietitian for a long term care facility dealing primarily with the geriatric population. When I am not in the nursing home or in my office counseling clients, I am cooking and developing recipes to showcase for potential personal chef clients. 

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Susanne Suchar RD, LD/N, CNSC

I would love to see the RD being accepted and respected as the expert on nutrition, and that being reflected on salaries and job opportunities. In clinical dietetics, having Nutrition Managers that champion their RDs is a must in this respect, and not often seen in my experience.

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Dallas Odgers, RD, CF-L2

I usually try to focus on describing the type of people I help and the value that I can bring them. For example, a common description would be that I help people manage their diabetes through education, goal setting, and accountability—this would be the majority of my clientele.

As my business grows, it will more likely be something like this: I am a private practice dietitian that offers strength and conditioning coaching, community, and nutrition education for long-term lifestyle change.

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