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Dylan Bailey, MS; Alison Borgmeyer, MS, RD; Lisa Bruno, MS, RD; Jaime Schwartz Cohen, MS, RD; Catherine Sebastian, MS, RD, CDN; Amber Wilson, MS, RD

We provide strategic nutrition communications and reputation management counsel on topics across the food, ingredient, retail (CPG - Consumer Packaged Goods) and agriculture ecosystems, with an eye towards helping our clients to break through in a cluttered and constantly evolving media landscape and navigate the nutrition community ecosystem.

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Tiffany Nicholson, RD, MSc

I have always been interested in nutrition and spent over decade in hospitality management. I decided I wanted more in depth knowledge of nutrition and therefore went back to University in my late 20’s to pursue a BSc in human nutritional sciences. I found I really enjoyed research and in 2013 decided to complete a Master’s in human nutritional sciences as well.

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