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Caitlin Boudreau, RD, MPH

I started in addictions, as a clinical dietitian at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. After my mat leave, I decided to switch gears and create my own job in an area I’ve become very passionate about, pediatrics. I’m still working in my private practice in this area. As someone who has always liked to try new things, I’ve recently started working casually as a clinical dietitian with the BC Cancer Agency, which has proved to be incredibly interesting and meaningful work.

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Sarah Remmer, RD, CDE

I have always worked in private practice to some degree, but have also worked in the hospital, in gyms and in private clinics. When I had my first baby, I decided to focus exclusively on baby and kids’ nutrition (specifically educating parents on how to best feed their families and nurture a healthy relationship with food) as well as disordered eating patterns in the teenage years and adulthood (and how to prevent these behaviours from an early age). I discovered blogging and have slowly transitioned from in-person counselling to educating a wider audience through the creation of online resources, writing and blogging for parents of babies and young kids.

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