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Kirsten Screen, MPH, RD, LD

I am part coach, part cheerleader, part counselor, part accountability committee, part myth buster…I try very much to meet each client where he or she needs me. What I mean is, for some clients I provide a step-by-step plan on what they should tackle – because that is what those clients need. For others I’m more of a sounding board. It just depends on what is needed!

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Heather Caplan, RD

In a startup you do a little bit of everything! Some days I’m focused on marketing and growth, some on nutrition curriculum and content, working with our network of experts, and/or product development. It depends on what the team needs and where we are with certain projects.

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Emily Kean, MBA, RDN, LDN

I’ve always been interested in food, health, science, math, and chemistry. In high school, I attended a Medical Summit at Johns Hopkins University, where I learned that I could major in nutrition/dietetics and make nutrition a career. I knew immediately it was the correct career path for me, combining all my favorite fields. I love being able to apply my knowledge and expertise to promote health through sound dietary habits.

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