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Tereza Vágnerová RD, MSc. et MSc. (Engineer)

Last year, my colleagues and I founded the Czech Association of Dietitians and we have big plans. We were able to join EFAD (European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians) this year, which is really great. We are supporting the improvement of food in hospitals, better nutritional care, public health, education and internships for RDs and continue raising general knowledge about nutrition. It will be a long way, but I hope we will be successful.

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Claire Kariya RD, CNSC

I work with people who have medical conditions that impact their ability to eat by mouth. In some situations their nutrition has to be provided via a tube to their gastrointestinal tract. I have a special interest in the use of homemade blended food for this purpose and have dedicated many years of my career to the advancement of this practice.

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Amy Reed, MS, RD, CSP, LD

Parents have the responsibility to feed and nurture a child for 18 years and if we have more educational supports available to educate families on feeding maybe the rate of chronic disease will eventually decrease because we have treated it on the front end.  Registered Dietitians need to be leaders in teaching all families how to feed and nuture their children for a healthy future. It would be great if everyone were entitled to see a dietitian yearly (kind of like for a nutrition check-up) to see what is going well and what could be improved.  The way the current system works patients are referred to dietitians when there is a problem and it would be nice to have a more proactive approach.

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