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Judy Simon MS, RDN, CD, CHES, FAND

I own a private practice Mind Body Nutrition, PLLC where I specialize in reproductive nutrition and disordered eating. I also work at the University of Washington as a clinic dietitian in women’s health and I am an adjunct faculty member. I teach Nutrition counseling and maternal nutrition to our GCPD (Graduate Coordinated Program in Dietetics) students. I am honored to also precept and mentor them.

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Debbi Beauvais, RDN SNS

RDNs come from diverse educational backgrounds with a minimum educational requirement of a Bachelor of Science Degree meeting a very specific curriculum to obtain a Dietetic Internship which in turn prepares them to sit for the national accreditation RDN exam. RDNs hold a variety of talents based on each person’s individual career goals and post graduate education. I happen to be an expert in Food Management, Sanitation and Food Safety in both Healthcare and K-12 Schools. When chatting with someone that is a Registered Dietitian; ask them more about what they do in the profession and what their expertise is as it may very well surprise you.

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