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Mary Purdy MS, RDN

I work with clients/patients over the phone providing diet and lifestyle counseling utilizing a personalized medicine approach which takes into account nutritional genetics, blood analyte biomarkers, microbiome and salivary cortisol. We take a long-term, integrative approach where we address diet, physical activity, stress, sleep, and supplementation. What is incredible is that we work with folks long enough to gather data that helps us to see how our intervention strategies have made a difference in their lives. I also act as an educator at the company, training our new hires and helping to build new trainings on a variety of topics for our current dietitians. For “Mary’s Nutrition Show”, we produce weekly shows either on Facebook Live or recorded for a podcast that provide easy to understand information on a myriad of food and nutrition topics that are usually sprinkled with a lot of humor to keep it fun and interesting for both listener and for me.

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Jean Caton MS, MBA, RDN

I no longer work in dietetics. In my early career, I worked in dietetics for nine years - briefly as a Clinical Dietitian at a community hospital and then was promoted to Chief Dietitian. I then took a position as Education Coordinator at a Harvard Affiliated teaching hospital where I was Assistant Director of the Nutrition Department and co-developed an Internship Program that I coordinated. Next, I then moved into the business world, leveraging my RD credential and my MBA, and took a position as Product Manager for an enteral feeding line of devices and nutritional supplements.

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Heather Caplan, RD

In a startup you do a little bit of everything! Some days I’m focused on marketing and growth, some on nutrition curriculum and content, working with our network of experts, and/or product development. It depends on what the team needs and where we are with certain projects.

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